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Civil War Soldier's Canteens
Misc. Non-Excavated
New York Depot Civil War Canteen With Original Cover, Sling & Stopper
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This is a great original Civil War soldier's canteen. This is a smooth side pattern of 1858. This is the canteen that was often used by soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. This one has the original pewter spout intact at the top of the canteen. Inside the spout it has the original cork and metal stopper with the chain intact as well. Since it has the chain we know it was a New York Depot style canteen. On the sides of the canteen it has the three original strap loops intact. This one is in fine shape and has almost the entire original cover still intact with a beautiful well worn look. You can see the "77" marking on one side that likely means the 77th Regiment of infantry. The canteen still has the original shoulder strap present with a good bit of wear. This will be a fine piece to add to your soldier's personal items collection.

Item #: A6778
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