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Original Revolvers From The Remington Firearms Company
Edged Weapons
Original Model 1863 Remington "ZOUAVE" Rifle Saber Bayonet
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This is a very fine displaying saber bayonet for the model 1863 Remington rifle. Better known as the "Zouave" rifle these guns and bayonets closely resembled the Mississippi rifle. This bayonet has a fine full-length blade with the brass handle and the original spring is intact and functional. The loop that the barrel went through has been cut and straightened out for some reason. It is priced accordingly. The handle has the correct "BH" inspector initials along the spine. These are the initials of the Government inspector, Benjamin Hannis who approved the bayonet for military use. These were called saber bayonet since they had the long blade and could be used as a sword or a bayonet either way. The bayonet is missing the scabbard as is so often the case. This is a nice original Civil War Remington model 1863 rifle bayonet. '

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