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Civil War & Earlier Soldier's Belt Buckles in Excavated & Non-E
Excellent War of 1812 Shoulder Belt Plate From the Sackets Harbor Area
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This is a great War of 1812 Shoulder Belt Plate. This is the version of belt plate that was used for the illustration of Plate 83 on page 60 of the Belt Buckle & Plate Book by O'Donnell & Campbell. They state that this is a shoulder belt plate that was worn by the British Canadian Militia starting in the 1790's. This was the standard issue plate issued by the British Board of Ordnance. In 1808, the U.S. Army patterned the 1808 plates after this style. They note that this one was found at Sackets Harbor, New York at the site of the May 29th 1813 battle of the War of 1812. The plate itself is made of thick cast brass with a slight convex curve. It has cast studs and tongue hook applied to the back. It still has both of stud hooks intact. This is a cool buckle that is as nice as you will ever find!

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