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Saber Style Rifle & Musket Bayonets
Edged Weapons
Lovell Catch Socket Style Saber Bayonet For a British Volunteer Rifle
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This is a wild looking weapon. It has the early 1800's style socket which is designed like a Brown Bess. In Kiesling's book on Bayonets of the World, he has a similar model illustrated on the top of page 502. He states that it is probably British and is likely for some type of Volunteer model. The blade is the long version that is designed to be used like a saber as well as a bayonet. This one measures 27 inches in overall size with the blade making up 21-1/2 inches. This one is in great shape all the way around. On the back of the socket you can see the design that allows the socket to be used on the Lovell catch spring that would have been on the rifle. You see some of the standard sockets but you don't see this version very often. It is a wild bayonet that display quite well.

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