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Nice Excavated Original .56 Caliber Colt Revolving Rifle Bullet
Item #: SR2726
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These are original .56 caliber bullets for the Revolving Rifle. These were recovered from Civil War Campsites throughout the South. A nice bullet as designed by the Colt Company for their famous but not very functional revolving rifle. The rifles were designed to work like the colt revolvers but the mechanics didn't always rotate correctly. When they didn't rotate they would misfire and often injure the soldier shooting the gun more than who he was shooting at. We added an image at the end to show what the cartridge looked like that these bullets came from. The drawing of this style cartridge is borrowed from the wonderful cartridge book by Herschel C. Logan. It is a very handy book if you can find one to buy. The price quoted is for one similar Colt revolving rifle bullet like the ones shown.

Shipping Weight: 0.6 lb
$8.50 USD

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