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Dug Civil War Cartridge Box Plates & Sling Plates
Burnside Pattern Eagle Cartridge Box Breastplate Made into a Neckerchief Slide
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This is a wonderful artifact! This is the pattern that is illustrated as figure #448 of the O'Donnell and Campbell buckle book. It is the version known to collectors as the "Burnside" pattern eagle plate. They get their name because most of the excavated examples were found in the area of the 9th Corps Campsites that served under General Burnside. They look just like a standard eagle breastplate except they are small in diameter. They measures 59mm across where most of the standard eagle plates are about 64mm across. There have been a couple of non-excavated ones that have shown up on boxes made by Thaxter of Portland, Maine. The face of the plate is made of brass and has the Union eagle with the arrows of war in one talon. In her other talon she holds the branch of peace. What is cool about this one is that it was bent just perfectly so it could be used as a neckerchief slide. This one has one of the original iron attachment loops remaining on the reverse. It also has very nice lead for an excavated plate. This plate was part of the award-winning collection of Mr. Ernie Arnold. Mr. Arnold was fascinated by these Burnside pattern breastplates. He was able to amass 111 of these plates which was the largest collection of them ever assembled. This one is accompanied by the trophy label from the show display with the notation that it was recovered in Stafford, Virginia by Mike Singer. It was the site of one of the most fierce battles of the Civil War. It It is hard to find a nice Burnside pattern eagle plate with a very cool field alteration.

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