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ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FILMED! 1861 Dated Naval Cutlass by Ames With Scabbard
Item #: A6335
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This is a nice original Civil War naval cutlass with scabbard. It is the classic model 1860 that you associate with the Union navy of the Civil War. The blade is full-length at 26 inches. At the base of the blade you can see the top of the 1861 production date stamped into the metal just above the original washer. Above that stamp it has the small anchor stamp. On the back of the blade you can no longer see the scroll style maker's mark from the famous Ames Manufacturing Company of Chicopee, Massachusetts but we know Ames was the only maker that produced this sword. Ames was the premiere sword producer for the U.S. Government during the Civil War. When you look at the quality of their products such as this one there is no reason to wonder why. It has the basket style guard still present with a nice dark copper tone to the brass. On the inside of the guard it has the correct stamped rack numbers which would've been part of the on board inventory system that the Navy used during the Civil War. The handle present with a nice amount of the original leather intact and is still nice and tight. The sword is accompanied by an original leather scabbard. The scabbards on these cutlasses were made of a single piece of leather that was folded over and riveted down the back. Very few of these scabbards made it since the war. At the top of the scabbard the brass belt frog stud is present. Back in 2011, I used this sword as an illustration of the Ames Model 1841 naval cutlass while we were filming Antiques Roadshow in San Diego. We filmed a segment on board of the USS Midway about the cutlasses through the years. Here is a link to the full episode and the segment featuring this sword is about half way through. Fast forward to see just the segment or just enjoy the rest of the show. This is a great looking weapon that definitely turn heads when it is in you relic room. This is a good honest Civil War naval cutlass with scabbard that has the desirable 1861 production date and it has been viewed by MIllions of people on Antiques Roadshow.

Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
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