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Beautiful 1862 Version of Officer's Slouch Hat From the 20th Indiana Infantry
Item #: A6106
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Here is a great looking hat! This is an original officer's style "slouch" hat from the Civil War. What is special about this hat is that we can date it to a very short time frame in 1862. These slouch style hats were popular with many of the Union officers including General Sherman. This one has the wool felt body that still has a deep dark blue tone. The original woven silk band goes around the entirety of the edge to keep t from fraying. Ont he front of the hat it has the embroidered officer style infantry hunting horn insignia that denotes the infantry branch of service. Inside the look of the horn it has the applied "20" that denotes the 20th regiment. On the side of the hat it has the applied blue cloth diamond. This is the Corps Badge insignia of the 3rd Division of the 3rd Corps. This color along with the 20th designation allows us to date the hat to the mid-1862 time period. In the corps badge book, they state that the Corp Badges were not started on a particular date but it is though that they were used at about May 31st 1862 with General Kearny sending out an order circular from the headquarters of the 3rd Division, 3rd Corps (this EXACT division) on June 27th 1862 instructing the men to use these corps badges. They were designed to allow the men to be easily distinguished by the commanders. SO the 20th Indiana Infantry was the only 20th regiment that was in the 3rd Division of the 3rd Corps. In August of 18621 the 20th Indiana was transferred to the 1st Division of the 3rd Army Corps. So that lets us know that this hat would have been made in the period of May to August of 1862. During this short time frame the regiment saw action at the Battle of Oak Grove on June 25th where the 20th had 144 casualties. They also fought at White Oak Swamp on June 25th where Lieutenant John Andrews was killed. Going around the body of the hat it has the ornate officer style hat cord and it even has the original plume on the side. Where the plume meets the hat cord it has the Eagle "I" Infantry button in beautiful condition. When you turn the hat over, you see the original sweat band that is almost entirely complete. As you can see, this hat is a beautiful piece all the way around and displays superbly.

Price: $4,500.00 USD (Sale Pending)

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