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RARE Marine Document Signed by Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles Autograph
Item #: A5296
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Here is an excellent original signature of the secretary of the Navy for the union during the Civil War, Gideon Welles (1802 1878). Gideon Welles was born in 1802 in Connecticut and before the war served as editor of the Hartford Times from 1826 until 1836. He was extremely valuable asset to the Union side during the Civil War. Because so many people left the Navy to serve in the Confederacy it was imperative to rebuild the Union Navy. He did so quite well. The Navy rose from 90 ships at the outbreak of the war to 670 ships by the war's end. Members of the Navy rose from 9000 to 57,000 during the war. He also was a proponent for the new technology of the day including the new ironclad ships. After the war he founded one of New England's earliest Republican newspapers, the Hartford Evening Press. This is a fine original Civil War dated document from the United States Navy Department. It was written in Washington,D.C. on March 13, 1865. This letter is giving permission for George H. Thompson to report to Col. Jacob Zeilin, Commandant of the Marine Corps, for examination of qualification for an appointment to second lieutenant. These Civil War-era documents related to the Marine Corps are very rare and this one has a great signature. The records show that Thompson was from Concord, New Hampshire. He received his commission as as an officer on December 17th 1861. He muster out for the Marine Corps on March 27th 1865. The paper itself measures 7-3/4ths inches wide and is 9-3/4th inches tall. This is a great Civil War document from Welles about the Marine Corps.

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