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Non-Excavated Confederate Buttons from the Various States
Original Confederate Made Tennessee State Seal Coat Button
Item #: A4931
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This is possibly the most beautiful button that we have ever been able to offer! It is an original non-excavated Confederate made Civil War ' Tennessee state seal. This is the version listed as figure TN4 in Albert's button book and as TN200b in Tice's button book. These buttons were made in New Orleans by C. Royer. Since New Orleans fell early in the Civil War there were only a small quantity of these button ever made. This fact combined with the fragility of the button's construction account for the scarcity of the buttons. The face of the button has the vividly clear Tennessee state seal with the sailing ship at the bottom and the plow, grain and cotton at the top. The ribbon that is above the images has Tennessee's motto of "AGRICULTURE COMMERCE". It is very scarce that you can read the motto but this one is still partially legible. On the reverse of the button it has the original brass back and iron shank intact. I have has some people think that this isn't the right shank because you can hear something moving around on the inside of the button. But you can tell that the shank is as perfect as the rest of the button and the solder has a gorgeous ancient tone. If a restorer were to replace the shank they would have surely been skilled enough to remove whatever is inside the button. I just want you to know all I do about the pieces I sell. I think this one is all original. This jewel will surely will be a cornerstone of your button collection. ' ""

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