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Authentic Civil War Bullets and Cartridge in Non-Excavated Condition
Fine Original Non-Excavated Metallic Cartridge for the 7mm Pinfire Revolver
Item #: A4828
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This is an original metallic cartridge for the 7mm pinfire revolver. These were one of the most reliable weapons of the Civil War era. They were designed with a pin in the bottom of the cartridge. When the hammer of the revolver strikes the pin it drives the pin against the fulminate inside a percussion cap contained inside of the cartridge base. This detonates the cartridge and fires the bullet. This one is in excellent non-excavated condition. It is a fine original 7mm pinfire pattern revolver bullet in the original cartridge. You get the actual cartridge that you see pictured for only $22.

Shipping Weight: 0.4 lb
$22.00 USD

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