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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
Scarce Blakeslee Patent Quick Load Cartridge Box for the Spencer Carbine
Item #: A4793
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Here is the scarce Blakeslee 10 tube cartridge box for the Spencer Rifle or Carbine. This one displays quite well. It still retains all ten of the tin loading tubes as well as the full length wood block that houses them. The tubes are removable. They were loaded with the rounds so the Spencer 7 shot carbine could be loaded quickly when needed. This made the dangerous Spencer carbine even more deadly. The lids on these boxes were cut down by the Government and most all sold to Bannerman, who then took them and repaired them by placing the lids back on them. This is clearly evident by the leather being trimmed down at the top, exposing the tin sleeve and the wood block. Other Bannerman markers include shoulder strap being shorted and riveted to the box(missing). The leather shows some crazing here and there. The lid is secured with a brass spring tensioned clasp, it is delicate, but does open and close appropriately. This is much rarer than the Spencer carbine or rifle and will look wonderful when you put it by your gun!

Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
$1,750.00 USD

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