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Non-Dug Civil War Cartridge Box Plates & Sling Plates
Fine Non-Excavated Civil War Eagle Cartridge Box Breastplate
Item #: A4684
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This is a very nice original non-excavated eagle plate that once adorned the leather shoulder sling of a Civil War cartridge box. On the face it has the spread wing eagle with arrows of war in one talon and laurel leaves of peace in the other. You can see that this one was used quite a lot because the brass is worn off of the high spots of the brass face. The back has fine lead intact as well as both of the original iron loops that once affixed the plate on the leather strap. The southern soldiers referred to these plates as a "Yankee bullseye" since their position on the shoulder sling sat right in the center of the Union soldier's chests.This is a very attractive looking plate that is nice enough to put back onto a cartridge box sling.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
$199.00 USD

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