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Excellent Excavated "Plain" Bridle Bit Likely Confederate Used
Item #: A4405
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Here is a superb excavated Civil War era bridle bit. This hand forged bridle bit is similar to the ones illustrated on page 100 of the Confederate Saddles & Horse Equipment book by Ken Knopp. This pattern of bridle bit is referred to as an "plain" bridle bit. He describes them beautifully as "The Confederate "plain" bit was a wholesale adaptation of the simple blacksmith made curb bit manufactured and used on typical farm in plantation of 19th century America. Forged from iron bar stock, it was hammered into shape on in anvil. The branches of this expedient or "plain" bit had holes punched at their tops to attach the bridle headstall and at the bottoms for attaching the reins. This elementary pattern was not at all military in appearance, but was relatively uniform and gloriously functional." Many such bits were pressed into military service because of their durability and relatively easy construction. This one is in beautiful excavated condition and has been cleaned and for display and preservation. This piece came from the Museum like collection of John Ashworth. Mr. Ashworth's collection was featured prominently in the saddle book as well, as the Confederate Bowie knife book. What a wonderful artifact.


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