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Excavated Civil War Uniform Buttons From the Union States
Misc. Excavated
Excellent Civil War Excavated Coat Size Wisconsin State Seal WC1
Item #: A4108
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This is a fine original excavated coat size Wisconsin state seal uniform button. This one has the great seal of the state of Wisconsin on the face. The state seal depicts the image of a plow which stands for agriculture, a crossed shovel and pick representing mining, an arm grasping for a hammer for manufacturing and an anchor for trade. It has a smaller shield for the United States with a garter reading the motto "E PLURIBUS UNUM". Below the shield there is a cornucopia horn. The whole scene is supported by a sailor on one side and a yeoman (a farmer of middling social status who owned his own land and often farmed it himself into prosperity). Above this image is the badger state crest with the motto "FORWARD" in a ribbon at the top. The button face still has a fine amount of the original gold gilding from the factory with a beautiful look. There is a little loss to the button rim that is mentioned for exactness and it is priced accordingly. On the back of the button it has the original back and shank intact. You can clearly read the "EXTRA * QUALITY* backmark. They used this generic backmark so the retailer could sell the button without advertising for the actual button maker. This is the pattern listed as figure WC1 in Albert's button book and WC200D2 in Tice's button book. This is a great looking button all the way around.

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