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Swords Used by the Cavalry Branch of Service
Edged Weapons
Relic Condition Civil War Cavalry Saber With Iron Hand Guard
Item #: A3997
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This is a cool looking original model 1821 pattern Civil War era cavalry saber in relic condition. They were known as the British pattern by collectors even though they were imported to this country. This one is completely unmarked but is almost surely German made.In the wonderful book Civil War Cavalry and Artillery Saber by Thillmann he has a couple of pages of information about these swords on page 474 and 475. The blade is an Enfield style single fuller design. It is 29-1/4th inches in length with a nice dark attic or barn color tone to the metal. The guard and pommel have a nice ancient look to the iron of the guard and backstrap. The metal of the hand guard are similar to that of the US model 1833 dragoon saber. The leather is missing and you can see the wooden center core with an untouched display retaining a couple of strands of the wire. This is a very good looking original Civil War cavalry sword for the money.


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