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Authentic Original Rifle & Musket Bayonets Manufactured by European Makers
Edged Weapons
Original and Complete French Made Model 1847 Socket Bayonet
Item #: A2946
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This is an original socket bayonet like the ones illustrated and described on page 167 and 168 of the book by David Noe and Joseph Sebaroli, Jr. It is a French made military rifle bayonet officially known as the model 1847. They will fit a wide range of rifles that are designed with the bayonet socket stud on the bottom of the barrel. This bayonet has a salt and pepper pitting all over with a dark tone. At the base of the blade you can see remnants of the markings. On the right-hand side of the socket shank it has the stamping as well. The original locking ring and screw are intact on the socket and are fully functional. The bayonet measures 21 1/8 inch in overall length. This pattern of socket bayonet is often referred to as a Drake-style bayonet. These model 1847 pattern bayonets have a squared off profile to the raised area where the mortise passes under the locking ring. The earlier design, the model 1822, have a rounded profile. This is a nice bayonet for an affordable price.


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