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Non-Excavated Confederate Buttons from the Various States
Nicely Priced Cuff Size Virginia Military Institute Cadet button by D. Evans
Item #: A1970
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This is an excellent non-excavated cuff size button for the Virginia Military Institute Cadet. This is the style with the "D. E. & CoO.*/EXTRA*” backmark. As you can see this is the style with the silvered back in the silver has turned to almost a black color with patina over the years. This is the version that is listed as SU408av in Albert’s button book and VAS294as2 in Tice’s book, both of which we sell. The face of the button has excellent detail and lots of the original gold gilt remaining. In the center it has the Virginia state seal and around the edge reads "V.M.I. CADET” This is a great looking Civil War V.M.I. cuff size iniform button.

Shipping Weight: 0.4 lb
$45.00 USD

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