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Original and Reproduction Misc. Accesories for Civil War Firearms
Cruciform Cut Short Pattern Wooden Musket Tompion For a .58 Caliber Civil War Rifle
Item #: A1629
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This is a very nice original Civil War tompion. This is the wooden plug that was designed to keep the water out of the end of a rifle. This is the size that fits the .58 caliber Springfield or Contract maker made rifles. It would look correct in any model 1855, 1861 or 1863 rifle. This one has a nice lighter tone to the wood that displays beautifully. This is the short pattern version with the swell on the split end. This pattern is illustrated in the middle of page #286 of the Gun Tool Book by Shaffer, Rutledge and Dorsey. They state that this pattern is possibly a contract made piece. It measures 2-3/8th inches in length. This is a fantastic addition to any Civil War rifle.

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