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Non-Excavated Confederate Buttons from the Central Government
Misc. Non-Excavated
Original Confederate Artillery Lined "A" by P. Tait of Limerick Ireland CS103
Item #: A437
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Here is one you don't see every day! It is a beautiful non-excavated Confederate Artillery lined "A” coat button. This is the 20mm style made by the famous Confederate importer P. Tait of Limerick Ireland. Evidence shows that these buttons were likely actually made by the English maker Chatwin & SOns of Birmingham, England. It is listed as CS103 in Albert’s button book and is CSA206b1 in Tice’s button book. The button has a clear lined "A” which denotes the Artillery branch of service. The "A” is very clear and it has a gorgeous untouched patina all over. You can tell by the wear to the face of the button that this one was used in is not just a surplus piece. The back has the very distinctive "floating” style shank intact. You can every letter of the P. Tait manufactures mark on the back. This is an original English Made and Irish Sold Confederate Button for the Civil War artilleryman.

Price: $495.00 USD (Sale Pending)

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