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Very Nice Wood Handled Post-Civil War Ink Letter Writing Scraper By Wostenholm
Item #: L524
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This is a great little piece! It is an original slightly post Civil War pencil eraser. You often see these listed as a surgeon's scalpel but what they really were used for is for writing. At that time they didn't have erasers like we know them today. Instead when they made a mistake they would take a scraper like this and scrape off the ink or pencil on the paper. What makes this one stand out is the original dark wood handle intact with a pretty golden tone to the wood. At the base of the blade we have the maker's Mark of the Wostenholm of Sheffield, England. Since it has the England Mark below Sheffield we know it was made after the Civil War but it didn't miss it by much. The overall length of the scraper is 6.5 inches with the blade making up 2-5/8ths of those inches. This is a great post Civil War era ink scraper.

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