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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
Militia Style Post Civil War Cartridge Box By Baker & McKinney
Item #: v3988
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This is a great looking cartridge box. It is one of the many cartridge boxes that were used after the Civil War. The box itself has the classic styling of a Civil War or earlier rifleman's cartridge box. It has the back that was made with the buttons (missing) for affixing it to the strap. Also on the bottom of the box it has the brass finial intact but the closure tab is lost to the ages. All of the leather has been tarred to make it more durable. On the outer flap of the cartridge box it has pin holes where the plate with the fancy script lettering woudl have gone at one time. This would be for a state national guard. When you raise up the outer flap it has the maker's mark of the firm of Baker & McKinney of New York. They were in business from 1864 until 1882 and this woudl have been made in the late 1870's or so. On the innermost compartment it has the wooden block that would have held the post Civil War style cartridges in place. This is a nice looking cartridge box that displays well.

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